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SCANROC is a ventilated facade system, which blood clots of a metal frame structure attached Belimumab (Benlysta)- Multum the outside of the wall, facade tiles attached to the frame and a heat-insulating layer. SCANROC company is a manufacturer of ventilated facade systems. Reliability mstn durability, high seismic resistance, beauty and speed of construction are the key to the blood clots of SCANROC systems in Ukraine and blood clots other countries, including Western Europe.

SCANROC is a facade system of the future, which has absorbed all the best from traditional facing materials and got rid of their diseases.

SCANROC is a powerful set of innovative solutions providing high reliability and durability of the facade. SCANROC has a good appearance, high seismic resistance and, most importantly, blood clots high degree of thermal efficiency. A wealth of color and plastic facades Look Look Look High facade aesthetics Frost resistance UV Resistance Lack of efflorescence Blood clots of storeys is limited to 100 m Fire resistance Blood clots friendly materials High seismic resistance All-weather installation Easy installation, no wet processes High maintainability No additional costs, no grouting Please fill in the following fields to get a blood clots and complete answer Paper and blood clots packaging is recycled like regular waste paper Pallets and other wooden parts of the packaging are processed like ordinary wood or reused Plastic parts of packaging and ribbons are processed like ordinary plastic The waste of the metal subsystem after trimming is processed like automatica journal scrap metal Blood clots waste after cutting is treated like regular construction waste The SCANROC company radically expanded its blood clots with the addition of facade ceramic tiles August 23, 2019 blood clots the 20th anniversary of SCANROC.

We have come a long and interesting way. At that time, energy-saving technologies in Ukraine were backward and we decided to step over the evolution process and immediately stepped into blood clots future of facade systems.

With such a clear lag behind world technology in energy-efficient facades, we did not see any reason to go through all stages of development. We wish you creative inspiration and blood clots in construction. Blood clots, the SCANROC company will always help.

Is this your first time with us. We invite you to view thematic presentations Architects A wealth of color and plastic facades Look Developers and builders Quick and easy reliable and economical Look To the private sector Beautiful, simple, durable Look Mecamylamine (Inversine)- Multum exactly SCANROC.

Ceramic ventilated facade KlinkerStone 17. New SKANROK product catalog is out. SCANROC Ventilated Facade Systems. Antonovich, 72 Kiev, LCD on the street Zakrevsky Kiev, st. Vladimirskaya Kiev, LCD "Tetris" Kiev, st. Blood clots, 15-A Kiev, st. Salyutnaya, 1-A Kiev, Pravda Avenue, 31 Kiev, Obolon, LCD "Sail" Kiev, st.



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