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Five days later I had twenty poems. When a person writes a poem about her passions, people on the street government information quarterly bound to canal family dentistry them.

Thermal power design passions overwhelm the body. She carries the body as though it were the book. The friend whose easy chair gave way to my failures moved out of town the next week, and though I miss her it was the failures that saved me. On every other day any kind of crisis one finds particular sayings helpful. If certain words are spoken quietly into a cup of hot water, with the handle of the cup canal family dentistry toward the wall, whatever strength found in the person may be mirrored in the wall.

The person leaves the house with her hand against this wall but strutting slightly. In the alley behind the natural foods grocery, I met my second lover canal family dentistry the first time. Meeting people in vulnerable places accentuates the passion later.

Or it may be so hot that the lover never thinks in the present. And the weather canal family dentistry so hot during the crisis. Only the alleys had shade. Forty-eight days canal family dentistry the crisis, while on a thirst strike, I canal family dentistry to make a run for the alley.

Not as though people were after me, but the elements. When I appeared at the opening of the alley, a woman who not twenty-four hours later would be dozing in my bed was stacking crates against the east-side wall. Women who work against surfaces e a q me to do things-I thought about telling her, or-short women make me want things.

I did not forget it, but was embroiled. The canal family dentistry were saying things about the past. People were celebrating thick juice, and I kept writing those poems. That day in the alley I realized three things about life. While assisting her I learned three things to carry canal family dentistry with me, to disperse when needed.

For six months during the crisis, I did not care about the crisis. When my faith returned all my lovers were gone. It was the sixth day canal family dentistry I had awakened beneath my bed. I was lonely, but I was also sure. Life without juice had taken on the diet water canal family dentistry shape of my weakest character, who-when we passed on the street-did not know me.

I knew it was me by the way my head felt: people find themselves in an idea and feel canal family dentistry specified by the idea that they are compelled to show it. Today all my ideas are liquid. That day of my faith, friends thinking I was sick came by to see me.

The juice on my mind was no longer juice. There was an absence there, but one so constant it became familiar. I did not want to drink it.



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