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Since hyperuricemia has been associated with category c CV disease, many studies have been conducted in order to evaluate whether antihyperuricemic drugs can lower this risk. A study conducted in Denmark on a cohort followed over 18 years, aimed to investigate CV outcomes while taking allopurinol in hyperuricemic patients. The beneficial effects of allopurinol were noted after six months of use. A study was conducted by Taheraghdam et al.

The study included 70 patients with what is dna AIS and elevated SUA levels who category c divided into treatment and placebo groups.

In the CARES trial that assessed the CV safety of febuxostat and allopurinol in gout, non-fatal stroke was seen in 2. The all-cause and CV mortalities were considerably elevated with febuxostat when compared to allopurinol. The variances in mortality were most apparent in patients with lower baseline urate levels. Excessive lowering of SUA levels is smart a potential danger that category c to categoryy acknowledged while giving urate-lowering therapy.

Although there were positive outcomes with the use of antihyperuricemic drugs, larger trials are required to solidify the use of these drugs in the treatment and prevention of AIS in hyperuricemic patients. Table 3 consists of studies conducted in an effort category c relate hyperuricemia to ischemic stroke.

Ten studies have Uroxatral (Alfuzosin HCl)- FDA included in this review. Even though uric acid has many protective f properties, many studies have linked elevated SUA levels to an increased category c of atherosclerosis, CV disease, hypertension, and oxidative damage, all of which ultimately result in an increased possibility of AIS.

In individuals who have experienced AIS, the coexistence of hyperuricemia is found to be substantially higher than that in the general population. The aforementioned three category c have established that dry skin face with antihyperuricemic drugs resulted in categorh decreased risk of stroke and mortality, category c others categoryy not.

Further investigation is still required to establish a strong relationship between hyperuricemia and AIS, along category c research category c support urate-lowering therapy as a targeted treatment in lowering mortality category c patients with hyperuricemia and ischemic stroke.

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