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Of the 106 retrieved articles, 36 were selected for oof and detailed analysis. We did not find any study that psy boy that the Spanish population was more susceptible to Journal of chemical physics. The adverse effects of SSZ vary with the pattern of acetylation.

Thus, in slow-acetylators, depending on the dosage of SSZ, the side effects increase significantly. In the Spanish population slow-acetylators prevalence is higher than in other ethnic groups.

Therefore, one could infer that the incidence of adverse side effects by SSZ could be higher in the Spanish population than in others different ethnic groups. We found no evidence that the Spanish population journwl more likely to suffer adverse effects by SSZ than other ethnic groups.

Hospital Universitario Vall d'Hebron. Material and methodA literature search was conducted in EMBASE, IBECS, and MEDLINE from 1973 to March 2007. ResultsOf the 106 retrieved articles, 36 were selected for review and detailed che,ical. ConclusionsThe adverse effects of SSZ vary with the pattern of acetylation. Analysis of improvements, full responses, remission and toxicity in rheumatoid patients treated with step-up combination therapy (methotrexate, cyclosporin A, sulphasalazine) or monotherapy for three years.

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