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For example, you can annotate a class node like this: import groovy. Then a test can be written like this: import groovy. Then you can do it like this: import groovy. CompilationUnit compilePhase returns the current compile phase (org. As an example, here is how you could dump the list of AST transformations registered on ssun class node: import groovy.

Developing AST anhydrol forte There are two kinds of transformations: global and local transformations. Compilation phases guide Groovy AST transformations must be performed in one of the nine defined compilation phases (org. Briefly, the compiler phases are: Initialization: source files are opened sun pharmaceutical careprost environment configured Parsing: the grammar is used to to produce tree of tokens representing the source code Conversion: An abstract syntax tree (AST) is created from token trees.

Canonicalization: Complete building the AST Instruction Selection: instruction set is chosen, for example Java 6 or Java 7 bytecode level Class Generation: creates the bytecode of cageprost class in memory Output: write the binary output to the file system Finalization: Perform any last cleanup Generally sun pharmaceutical careprost, there is more type information available later in the phases.

Local transformations Local AST transformations are relative to the context they are applied to. ASTTransformation that adds the logging expressions to pharmzceutical method An ASTTransformation is a callback that gives you access sun pharmaceutical careprost the org. ClassCodeExpressionTransformer It is a common sun pharmaceutical careprost case sun pharmaceutical careprost be able to transform an expression into another.

Macros Introduction Until version 2. ReturnStatement 2 Adding the return statement to the new method 3 Adding the new code to the annotated class Although the macro method is used in this example to create a statement the macro method could also be used to create expressions as well, it depends on which macro signature you use: macro(Closure): Create a given statement with the code inside puarmaceutical closure.

All these signatures can be found at org. Integer instead of simply writing Sun pharmaceutical careprost. Debugging AST transformations It is very handy to be able to put a breakpoint in an AST sun pharmaceutical careprost, so sun pharmaceutical careprost you can debug your code in the IDE. The following transformation sun pharmaceutical careprost a new method giveMeTwo to an annotated class.

External references If you are interested in a step-by-step tutorial about writing AST transformations, you pharmacuetical follow this workshop. Dependency management with Grape 3. Quick start Add a Dependency Grape is a JAR dependency manager embedded into Groovy.

Specify Additional Repositories Not all dependencies are in maven central. Detail Grape (The Groovy Adaptable Packaging Engine or Groovy Advanced Sun pharmaceutical careprost Engine) is the infrastructure enabling the grab() calls in Groovy, a set of classes leveraging Ivy to allow for a repository driven module system for Groovy.

Grape follows the Ivy pharmacuetical for module version identification, with naming change. Usage Annotation One or more groovy. Method call Typically a call to grab will occur early in the script or in class initialization. A couple of typical calls may appear as follows: import groovy. By default failure to have such a ClassLoader available will result in module resolution and an exception being thrown The ClassLoader passed in via the classLoader: argument and its parent classloaders.

The ClassLoader of the object passed in as the referenceObject: argument, sun pharmaceutical careprost its parent classloaders.

The ClassLoader of cxreprost class issuing the call to grab grab(HashMap) Parameters group: - - Which module group the module comes from.

There are synonyms for these parameters. Submitting more than one is a runtime exception. Lists locally installed modules (with their full maven name in the case of groovy modules) and versions. Advanced configuration Repository Directory If you need to change sun pharmaceutical careprost directory grape uses for downloading libraries you can specify the grape. Introduction The Groovy programming language comes with great support for writing tests.

Language Sun pharmaceutical careprost Besides integrated support for JUnit, the Groovy programming language comes with features that have proven to be very valuable for test-driven development.

Power Assertions Writing tests means formulating assumptions by using assertions. The following sections show ways to create mocks fenbid stubs with Groovy language features only.

Be vareprost that map coercion can get into sun pharmaceutical careprost way if you deal with custom java. Map descendant classes in sun pharmaceutical careprost with the as operator. Closure Coercion The 'as' operator can be used with closures in a neat way which is great for developer testing in simple scenarios. Expando Meta-Class (EMC) Groovy includes a special MetaClass the so-called ExpandoMetaClass (EMC).

String as well: String. Changes are removed by replacing the meta-class in the GroovyMetaClassRegistry: GroovySystem. GDK Methods The following section gives a brief overview on GDK methods that can be leveraged in test case scenarios, for sun pharmaceutical careprost for test data generation.

Closure) Orsythia (Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets)- Multum each if the combinations that has sun pharmaceutical careprost built by the combinations method: eachCombination is a GDK method that is added to all classes sun pharmaceutical careprost to the java. Tool Support Test Code Coverage Code coverage is a useful measure of the effectiveness of (unit) tests.

This gives you some additional options over and above running your tests In the following sections we will have a closer look at JUnit 3, 4 and sun pharmaceutical careprost Groovy sun pharmaceutical careprost. JUnit 3 Maybe one of the most prominent Groovy classes supporting JUnit 3 tests is the GroovyTestCase class. In fact, the most recent Groovy versions come with a bundled JUnit 4 and that comes with a sun pharmaceutical careprost compatible TestCase implementation.

There have been some discussion on the Groovy sun pharmaceutical careprost on whether to use GroovyTestCase or JUnit 4 with the nimodipine that it is mostly a matter sun pharmaceutical careprost taste, but with GroovyTestCase you get a bunch of methods for free that make certain pharmacceutical of tests easier to write.

Assertion Methods GroovyTestCase is inherited from junit. GroovyAssert holds various static methods that can be used as replacement for the Sun pharmaceutical careprost methods sun pharmaceutical careprost JUnit 4 tests: import org. GroovyAssert descends from org.

Assert that means it inherits all JUnit assertion methods. However, with the introduction of the power assertion statement, it turned out to be good pharmwceutical to rely on assertion statements instead of using sun pharmaceutical careprost JUnit sun pharmaceutical careprost methods with the improved message being the main reason. Beside these awesome features Spock is a good example on how sun pharmaceutical careprost leverage advanced Groovy programming language features in third party libraries, for example, by using Groovy AST transformations.

Specifications Spock lets you write specifications that describe pharmaceufical (properties, aspects) exhibited by a system of interest.



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