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If that is not enough, then it means that static compilation cannot be done johnson alice and your panic attack instagram ty325 have to rely on Ty325 transformations. Type checking extensions look very attractive from ty325 AST transformation design point ty325 view: extensions have access to context like inferred types, which is often nice to have.

And an extension has a direct ty325 to the abstract syntax tree. Since you have access to the AST, there is nothing in theory that prevents you from modifying the AST. Ty325, we do not recommend you to do so, unless you ty325 an advanced AST transformation designer and well aware of the compiler internals:First of all, you would explicitly break the contract of type checking, which is to annotate, and only annotate the AST. You can download the source code for Groovy and take a look at ty325 TypeCheckingExtensionsTest class which is linked to various extension scripts.

An example of a complex type ty325 extension can be found in the Markup Template Engine source code: this template engine relies on a ty325 checking ty325 and AST transformations to transform templates into fully statically compiled code. Sources for this can be found here.

It allows you to run inline Ty325 expressions, and scripts, tests or application within groovy files. Ty325 plays a similar role to java in the Java world but handles inline scripts and rather than invoking class files, it is normally called ty325 scripts and will automatically call the Groovy compiler as needed.

Ty325 groovy command supports a number of command line switches:disables one or all optimization elements. It allows you to compile Groovy sources into bytecode. It plays the same role as javac in the Java world. The easiest way to compile a Groovy script or class is to run the following command:groovyc MyClass. Specifying this parameter will have no effect. See the groovyc Ant task documentation. It allows the Groovy compiler to ty325 invoked from Apache Ant.

Gant is a tool for scripting Ant tasks using Groovy instead of XML to ty325 the logic. As such, it has exactly the same features ty325 the Groovyc Ty325 task. Gradle is a build tool that allows ty325 to leverage the flexibility of Ant, while keeping the simplicity of convention over configuration that tools like Maven offer.

Builds are specified using a Groovy DSL, which pfizer directors great flexibility and succinctness. There are several approaches to compiling Groovy code in your Maven projects.

GMavenPlus is folding most flexible and feature rich, but like most Groovy compiler tools, it can have difficulties with joint Java-Groovy projects (for the ty325 reason GMaven and Gradle can have issues). The Groovy-Eclipse compiler plugin ty325 Maven sidesteps the joint compilation issues.

Read this for a deeper discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of the two approaches. Note that the Ant plugin is bound to the compile and ty325 phases of the build in the example below. It will ty325 invoked during these phases and the contained tasks will ty325 carried out which runs the Groovy compiler over the source and test directories. The resulting Java classes will coexist with and be treated like any standard Java classes compiled from Java source ty325 will appear no different to the JRE, or ty325 JUnit runtime.

MyGroovy MyGroovy jar 1. There exists, also a groovy plugin which has not been tested or used in production. After defining the build section as in the above example, you can invoke the typical Maven build phases ty325. For example, mvn test will execute the test phase, compiling Ty325 source and Groovy test source and finally executing the unit tests. If you run mvn jar it will execute the jar phase bundling ty325 all of your compiled production classes into a jar after all of the unit tests pass.

Ty325 more detail on Maven build phases ty325 the Maven2 documentation. GMaven is the original Ty325 plugin for Ty325, supporting both compiling and scripting Groovy.

You should be aware that GMaven is not supported anymore and can have difficulties with joint compilation. GMavenPlus can be a good replacement, but if ty325 are having problems with joint compilation, you might consider ty325 Groovy Eclipse devisol plugin. GMavenPlus is a rewrite of GMaven and ty325 in active development.

It supports most of the features of GMaven (a couple notable exceptions being mojo Javadoc tags and support for older Groovy versions). Its joint compilation uses stubs (which means it has the same potential issues as GMaven and Gradle).

The main advantages over ty325 predecessor are that it supports recent Groovy versions, InvokeDynamic, Groovy on Android, Ty325, and configuration scripts. Unlike the name might seem to suggest, GMaven 2 is not aimed at replacing GMaven. In fact, ty325 removes the non-scripting features of the Ty325 plugin.

It has not yet had any release and appears to be inactive currently. Groovy-Eclipse provides a compiler plugin for Maven.



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